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First time parents, you are welcome to our school. We always give first time parents all the time they need to ask questions or let the learner have a play to get a feel of our school.Before admitting a learner to our school, parent(s) has to visit the school to know and familiarize with the school’s surroundings therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to book a visit around the school. 


Admission Criteria

learner will be offered a place providing they meet the school’s standards with regard to the following admission criteria:

  • Ability: An assessment of the learner ’s academic ability or attainment in comparison with his/her age cohort.
  • Potential: A measure of the learner ’s ability to make academic progress in relation to his/her current ability.
  • Suitability: A measure of the learner ’s enthusiasm, behavior, work ethic, willingness to learn and general conduct.


Admission Eligibility

Daycare –        2 to 3 years

Reception –        3+ years

Pre- primary one (PP 1)  –        4+ years

Pre-primary two (PP 2)  –       5+ years

Grade One                         –       6+ years

Grade Two                         –        7+ years

Grade Three                      –        8+ years

Grade Four                        –        9+ years

Grade Five – 10+ years

Grade Six – 11+ years


Acceptance Of Admission

  1. Students are admitted on a First Come, First Serve basis depending on vacancies
  2. We conduct formal assessments of the learner .
  3. The school reserves the right to admissions. In all matters pertaining to admission, the decision of the Admission Committee will be final.

The following are the simple steps towards making an admission:

Step 1: Admission Application:

Parents wishing to apply for a place for their learner  at Kivulini School should begin the process by completing an online application form available on the website under the admissions tab.

Step 2: School Visit & Interaction with the Administrator

Parents/Guardians are invited to visit the school campus to understand the culture and ethos of the Institution. A meeting can be scheduled with the administrator, so that parents can have an interaction with the Head of the school, ask questions and obtain any information they may require.

An appointment can be made through our contacts; +254 713 417792 or

Step 3: Admission Assessments & Evaluation

All new learners applying to Kivulini School will undergo an admissions assessment. This will enable us to understand the general ability & academic level of each learner, and check on the suitability of the school curriculum offered, to the learner. We shall also evaluate if there are any areas in which the learner will require support from us and the resources and expertise required to meet these needs. Parents are required to bring to the school’s attention in case their learner requires some special assistance due to any health reasons.

Step 4: Registration

The selected/successful learners are required to visit the school office and fill out the registration form.

The following documents need to be submitted along with the Registration Form

  •  A duly signed and filled school application form.
  • 3 colored passport size photos of the learners.
  • Copy of the learner’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of the parent’s / guardians national ID card.
  • Duly signed and filled school health form [ attach a copy of the learner’s immunization records].
  • NEMIS number for learners transferring from other schools.
  • Full set of school uniform [available at school].

Step 5: Uniform and Fees Payment

Once the above steps are satisfactorily completed, parents will receive a letter of offer of admission from the school of which they will need take the steps necessary to show acceptance. School uniform guidelines, policy documents and others will also be made available. Below are required school uniform

  • 1 school jacket
  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 trousers
  • 2 Shirts
  • 1 polo shirts
  • 1 P.E. short
  • 1 Track Suit
  • 1 games T-shirt
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 school tie
  • 1 Marvin or hat


Step 6: Parent Orientation Program:

There will be a parent orientation program at the beginning of the new academic year. This program will acquaint the new parents with the Vision, Mission & Ethos of the school, the academic curriculum & extra-curricular activity program of the learner ’s respective class .


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