Kivulini School

We offer a great environment to teach children a rich, meaningful, and balanced curriculum of skills and information through age-appropriate activities that encourage the children to want to learn more. We offer programs tailored to help them to grow emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally in a recommended way.


Sifa Class (3-4 Years)

This is our Pre-Primary 1 Class. At this level the learner’s confidence is developed; they continue to learn numbers and sounds recognition, reading 3 letter words and simple sentences, simple numerical calculations, pictures and shapes, art and craft and life skills.

Neema Class (4-5 Years)

This is our Reception Class. We create a class environment that emphasizes on self-discipline and responsibility. They begin to learn coursework such as numbers and sound recognition, joining dots to form sounds and numbers, picture reading, art and craft, colors, sound songs as well as activities to develop pincer grip.

Baraka Class (5-6 Years)

This is our Pre-primary 2 Class as well as the graduating class. They learn number and sound recognition and writing, reading and writing simple sentences, news-telling, can write names and 4 letter words, can do simple additions and subtractions.

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