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Our School

Kivulini School is a premier education institution located in Lower Kabete, off Gitaru-Ndenderu Road at Kirangari. Our specialty is molding your child to be an all-rounded and confident individual in our fast-changing world.


This offers daycare services. Here we learn social skills, potty training, singing and listening to Bible stories, physical education, development of speech, and activities aimed at encouraging independence.


We offer a great environment to teach children a rich, meaningful, and balanced curriculum of skills and information through age-appropriate activities that encourage the children to want to learn more. We offer programs tailored to help them to grow emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally in a recommended way.


Kivulini being under the Competency-Based Curriculum envisions that after the end of the Primary Level, the learners will have attained the below 7 Core Competencies that are intended to help individuals fulfill their potential both in school and in life.

About Us

Kivulini School is a peaceful environment suitable for learning. We are a multicultural environment fit to wholly impact your child’s future positively. This is what you will always find at our school; a program of the field trip, and social as well as academic expedition, Well managed Co-education, creative and Sportive activities, good management, teachers who make an extra effort for learners, sense of community, pastoral care, educating the whole child/learner, academic excellence, discipline, parental involvement, inter-faith community.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred school that provides a holistic education with excellence.

Our Mission

To be the most preferred school that provides a holistic education with excellence.


Inspiring greatness, one child at a time.

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About Our School

Kivulini Curriculum 

we offer an integrated curriculum where the contents of the Montessori and the competency-based curriculum (CBC) Have been merged. We value children as unique individuals who learn at different paces and styles.  

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Daily schedule 

The school gate opens at 6:45 AM and the learners are expected in school by 7:30 AM [ Monday –Friday] lessons end at 3:00 PM. 

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Religious Orientation 

We lay a foundation that will guide learners on moral integrity through various programs of pastoral instruction [PPI ]. We also organize talks for the learners with various professionals and religious leaders as well as parents / teachers / learners seminars.  This helps the parents / teachers / learners’ relationships grow steadily and stronger. 


Apart from the official communication with parents through the form, newsletters, emails, and report forms, parents are always welcome to converse and share their concerns and appreciations about the progress of the learners. The best school has a student diary used by teachers as well as parents to send urgent messages concerning the learners. generally, the school encourages the teachers to communicate with parents on areas that need improvements as well as the successes of their learners

Co-curriculum activities, sports, clubs  

The main co-curricular activities are; Swimming, music, soccer, chess, Taekwondo, ballet dance and skating. Clubs include; chess, scouts, drama, arts, Wildlife, home science, and cookery. Every time we hold fashion shows, talent shows, health and safety days, nature walks, as well as school trips.

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